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Smoggy Hogs Hedgehog Rescue

We are a small self funded hedgehog rescue based in Middlesbrough, Teesside. We operate our rescue from 2 home addresses (TS4 and TS6). Please leave a message if there is no answer on our contact phone number.

Darwen Hedgehog Rescue

To treat sick Hedgehogs and rehabilitate them to return to the wild .

Hedgehog Rescue of Hazelbury Bryan

We treat sick and injured hedgehogs with the appropriate treatments in a timely manner. Taking nearly 300 hedgehogs last year, 2023, we try, where possible to release the hedgehog back from where it came when safe to do so.

Hedgehog Helpers, Hedgehog Rescue Darlington

Small self funded, not for profit hedgehog rescue in Darlington, Co. Durham (North East England)

Leyland Hedgehog Rescue

Leyland Hedgehog Rescue, often has over 60, desperately poorly hogs. The care and dedication they received is second to none. Mary is a retired nurse, has a though knowledge and expert clinic skills to help all the hedgehogs she can. Fantastic work


Rehabilitation & Release of Hedgehogs

Caerphilly Hedgehog Rescue

Founded in 2021, based in Caerphilly, South Wales.

Our Mission is to support the UK Native Hedgehog population, by Rescuing, Rehabilitating and Releasing, sick, injured or orphaned hedgehogs back to the wild.

Urchins Hedgehog Care

Hedgehog Rescue

The Haven Wildlife Rescue

Rescue centre for Hedgehogs, small mammals and birds

HogsCroft Hedgehog Rescue

A small hedgehog rescue and rehabilitation Centre run entirely by volunteers.

Ashford’s Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation

I run a wildlife rescue from the comfort of my own home, not only taking in hedgehogs but a variety of different species. Treating them for whatever it is they’ve been admitted for and returning them to the wild

Prickleback Urchin Hedgehog Rescue

We are a small hedgehog rescue based in the county of Rutland.
We are Wildlife Care Badge holders.

Helping Hands Hedgehog Hospital

We save and treat our declining species and specialise in ways to help them thrive .
We also house in our sanctuary garden some disabled hedgehogs .
We study parasitic conditions and Viral Conditions in our plight to help them better

Stabbo and Sandiacre Spikey Rescue

Small self funded 9 cages , 2 incubators. Outdoors 4 hutches and a rehab pen.
Vale trained and can treat all types of illnesses and injuries as I work closely with the vet.

Hog Manor

Hedgehog rescue open 24/7. Can take up to 40 hedgehogs. Self funded , owned and managed by a retired nurse. Focused on individual hedgehog care and rehabilitation.

Wolds Hedgehog Rescue

East Yorkshire Hedgehog Rescue
We aim to rescue, rehabilitate and release hedgehogs as soon and as compassionately as possible working closely with vets.
We are RSPCA accredited and hold the Wildlife Care Badge.

Hurst Hedgehog Haven

We are a small group of volunteers who rescue, rehabilitate & aim to release European Hedgehogs back to the wild in the East & West Sussex area. We work with local vets. We undertake regular training & also provide education to the community.

Thorne Hedgehog Rescue C.I.C.

A hedgehog rescue in Pluckley, Kent that rescues, rehabilitates and releases wild European hedgehogs. Offers sanctuary to disabled hedgehogs.
Member of the British Council for Wildlife Rehabilitation

Shelley Hedgehogs

We are an RSPCA approved hedgehog rescue located in the village of Shelley, West Yorkshire.

Hedwigs Hotel Hedgehog Rescue

Hedgehog rescue, rehabilitate and release.
Small hedgehog rescue in Bideford, family run rescue, BHPS registered. Not for profit.

Burntisland Hedgehog Haven

We rescue, rehabilitate and release wild hedgehogs and are based in Fife but we also take hedgehogs from Edinburgh, the lothians and surrounding areas.
We can offer advice for all things hedgehog.

Willow Top Hedgehog Rescue

Hedgehog rehab and rescue

Peppers Help for Hedgehogs

Small hedgehog rescue run by just myself from my home. I have been on the Vale hedgehog first aid course and volunteered at a rescue before setting up on my own after the other rescue closed. I work closely with my local vets practice.

The Stockton Hedgehog Shed

Small self funded rescue for hedgehogs

Little Urchins Hedgehog Rescue

A hedgehog rescue based in dover, run by Tarya and Debbie.
Working alongside many others.

Hedgehog Rescue Redcar

I run a hedgehog rescue in Redcar, we take in and rehabilitate sick and injured hedgehogs, orphans etc 🙂

Aylsham Hedgehog Rescue

I and my wife run this rescue & we are always busy ,self funded but donations are a big help. We use Brambles Hedgehog Foods, also wet foods & we love to see hedgehogs go back into the wild when they are better.

Forth Hedgehog Hospital

Rescuing sick and injured wild hedgehogs and rehabilitating them back to the wild.

Herbie Hedgehog Rescue

Small home run rescue that rehabilitates sick / injured/ orphaned wild European Hedgehogs. Charity number: 1203949

SOS Hedgehog Rescue

Hedgehog Rescue

Hedgely Hogspital

Change of telephone number.
We cover North, Pembrokeshire. South Ceredigion, West Carmarthenshire

Dottie’s Little Hog Hospital

Hoggieworts Hedgehog Helpers

Care and rehabilitation of Hedgehogs

Hokey pokey hedgehog rescue

Starting hedgehog rescue mentored by Cuan rescue centre and Llanfiar vets.
I have large garage with an assortment of cages and building up as I go on .

Waterlooville Hedgehog Rescue

Rescue for sick, injured and orphaned wild hedgehogs.

Baddeley Green Hedgehog Rescue Centre

Hedgehog rescue that takes in injured and unwell hedgehogs.. We rehabilitate and hopefully release back to the wild..

Bernie’s Hedgehog Rescue

I rescue hedgehogs, done it for7yrs now, I’ve just relocated to Gateshead, where I’ll have a new hogspital built in my back yard. I usually take in about 600 hedgehogs a yr with a few other wild animals and birds, I have a small team brilliant volunteers.

Yorkshire Swan & Wildlife Rescue Hospital

A hospital and rehabilitation centre for sick and injured swans and wildlife, operated by dedicated volunteers and veterinary surgeons. The charity responds to more than 6,000 calls every year to assist injured wild animals.

Digby’s Hedgehog Rescue

To providing rescue, care, and rehabilitation for sick, injured or orphaned hedgehogs, with the aim of releasing strong healthy hogs back into their natural habitat. To further the conservation and preservation of the wild hedgehog species.


Hedgehog Rescue and rehabilitation, as listed with BHPS.
Open 24hrs. Located near the coast in East Sussex. Helping Hedgehogs and Helping to raise awareness for the Protection of Hedgehogs

Hedgehog Rescue Bristol and South Gloucestershire

We opened in 1999 after completing my National Diploma in Animal Care. We have steadily grown over the years and last year had 528 intakes.
We have 25 hospital pens and 20 hutches for hogs preparing to be returned to the wild or hibernation

Ryston Rachel’s Hedgehog Hotel

Rescue, Rehab and Release is our motto . We look after over 200 hedgehogs a year . We have been doing this for 10 years now.

Great Hogmond Street

GHS is a self funded Hedgehog Rescue. I am proud to say my rescue had been awarded a Wildlife Care Badge. I’ve passed the QA and a glowing report by my local vet, who visited my rescue.

Emma’s Hedgehog Hotel

At Emma’s Hedgehog Hotel we work towards the goal of removing hedgehogs from the vulnerable to extinction list through Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release. The rescue cares for the hedgehogs until they are fully recovered and then released.

Wath Hedgehog rescue and rehabilitation

A small rescue coving a big area in South Yorkshire, Wath Hedgehog Rescue cares/treats sick or injured hedgehogs and then rehabilitates , so they can be released back to the wild.

East Yorkshire Hedgehog Rescue

Hedgehog rescue Redcar

I run a wild hedgehog rescue, i deal with lots of hedgehogs each year, they can have a variety of problems, wounds, parasites, broken bones etc

Lucky Hedgehog Rescue C.I.C 14085854

We are available 24/7 . Rescue, rear & rehabilitation of wild Hedgehogs. We also involve communities in our rescue and the development of our wildlife paddock.
We highly recommend and use Brambles Hedgehog foods.

Hedgepigs and Hoglets Rescue

Hedgepigs and Hoglets Rescue is a registered charity dedicated to the rescue, treatment and release of hedgehogs and small wild mammals who are sick, injured in orphaned. Animal Welfare is of paramount importance to us.

The Hog Hospital

A small wildlife hospital specialising in the recovery and rehabilitation of wild Hedgehogs

Prickles & Paws (N Lincolnshire)

We are a family run Hedgehog Rescue and Rehabilitation centre

Minnies Wildlife Rescue & Hedgehog Hospital

Small wildlife rescue aiming to hand rear, rehab and release British wildlife. All done with care & compassion by dedicated animal lovers.

Hamble Hedgehogs Rescue

Hogsprickle Wildlife Carers

  • Ennis, County Clare, Ireland

Pembrokeshire Hogspital

Hedgely Hogspital Hedgehog Rescue

Hedgehog Help

The New Arc

South of Scotland Wildlife Hospital

Forth Hedgehog Hospital

Barbara’s Wildlife Rescue

Wildlife Orphanage

Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary

Watermeadows Hedgehog Rescue

Holderness Hedgehog Hospital

Castleford Hedgehog Rescue

We are a registered charity that provides care for sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs

Willows Hedgehog Rescue

Malvern Hedgehog Rescue

Hoggles Hedgehog Rescue

Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital

Oak & Furrows Wildlife Rescue

Devizes Home of Hedgehog Joy

West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue

Barnacle Hedgehog Rescue

Warwickshire Hedgehog Rescue

Hedgehog Friendly Town

  • Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire


Bexhill & Hastings Wildlife Sanctuary

Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

Wildlife Aid Foundation

Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue

Suffolk Prickles Hedgehog Rescue

Suffolk & Essex Small Animal Welfare

Poppy’s Creche

Tamworth & District Hedgehog & Bird Rescue

Newcastle Hedgehog Rescue

Hedgehog rescue in Staffordshire.

Hedgehog & Garden Bird Rescue

British Wildlife Rescue Centre

Secret World Wildlife Rescue

Prickles Hedgehog Rescue

Pricklebums Hedgehog Rescue

North Shropshire Hedgehog Centre

CUAN Wildlife Rescue

Little Foxes Wildlife Rescue

Pennine Wildlife Rescue

Northumbrian Hedgehog Rescue

Blyth Wildlife Rescue

Jen’s Hedgehog Rescue

  • Corby, Northamptonshire

Brackley Hogwatch

Animals in Need

PACT Animal Sanctuary

Mel’s Hedgehog Rescue

Hedgehog Haven North Norfolk

  • North Norfolk, Norfolk

Jackson’s Animal Rescue

Pawprints Wildlife Rescue

Moon & Stars Wildlife Rescue

  • Lincoln, Lincolnshire

Cherry Cottage Wildlife Rescue

  • Grimsby, Lincolnshire

Charlie’s Hedgehog Care

Leicestershire Wildlife Hospital

Leicestershire Hedgehog Rescue

Barrow Hedgehog Rescue

Woodlands Animal Sanctuary

Preston Hedgehog Rescue

Chorley Hedgehog Rescue

Medway Hedgehog Rescue

Kent Wildlife Rescue Service

Folly Wildlife Rescue

The Hedgehog Lady – London Colney

  • London Colney, Hertfordshire

Hitchen Hedgehog Care

Pins & Needles Hedgehog Rescue

Hollycroft Hedgehog Rescue

Herefordshire Wildlife Rescue

Help for Hogs

Romsey Hedgehog Lady

Hedgehog Cabin

Hart Wildlife Rescue

Hamble Hedgehogs

Grays Wildlife Rescue

East Boldre Hedgehog Rescue

Berts Hedgehog Rescue

Withington Hedgehog Care Trust

Hulse Towers Hedgehog Refuge

Lowton Hedgehog Rescue

Every Feather Bird & Wildlife Rescue

Wild Hogs Hedgehogs Rescue

Vale Wildlife Hospital

Help a Hedgehog Hedgehog Hospital

Brockworth Hedgehog Rescue

Maldon Wildlife Rescue

Hedgehog Haven Essex

Chance Wildlife Rescue

South Devon Hedgehog Rescue

North Devon Hedgehog Rescue

ELM Wildlife Rescue

Pet Samaritans Animal Sanctuary & Wildlife Rescue

Linjoy Wildlife Sanctuary & Rescue

Derby Hedgehog Rescue

Hoggystockton Hedgehog Rescue

Bernie’s Hedgehog Rescue

A Prickly Problem

Prickles & Paws

Hedgehog Rescue

Born to be Wild

Lower Moss Wood Wildlife Hospital

Birchwood Hedgehog Rescue

SWCC Hedgehog Hospital

Dowsdale Hedgehog Sanctuary

Bertie’s R & R

  • St Ives, Cambridgeshire

Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital

Hedgehog Bottom