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Passionate about wildlife

A family business whose ethos is the health and well-being of wildlife.

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Passionate about wildlife

A family business whose ethos is the health and well-being of wildlife.

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We set up Brambles Pet and Wildlife in the summer of 2017 as we saw a need to produce commercial wildlife foods that did not contain any harmful ingredients. Our research led to a wet and dry hedgehog food, & more recently a semi-moist food, that does not contain any ingredients that can contribute to Metabolic Bone Disease such as mealworms, sunflower hearts and peanuts. We have also kept refined sugar and other high sugar foods such as dried fruits and honey out of our hedgehog and Swan and Duck foods. Too much sugar can cause dental issues and obesity with associated cardiovascular problems. In addition, we have kept fat levels within recommended levels throughout our range of products.

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Excellent food for hedgehogs my friend’s rescue uses this product all the time!

Nicole Bartlett

The list of ingredients is very good, not loaded with cereal so very nutritious. The hedgehogs that visit me usually clear all the dishes I leave out every night so that is an excellent recommendation.

Teresa Rainbird

Hogs Favourite! The hedgehogs that visit my garden love this dry food much more than any wet food. The one hibernating in my hedgehog house still comes out now and again to have a good feed. All of it gets eaten there is never any waste.


We have half a dozen hedgehog’s visit us every night & they seem to love these biscuits. The bowls are stripped clean every night, so thumbs up from me. Thank you

Amazon Customer

Hedgehogs visiting my garden eat every scrap each night leave water nearby. Great to see wildlife in your own garden. Worth every penny.

Patrick G.

It’s good value for money and I love the packaging and our hedgehog loves it!

Caroline Richardson

I have three hedgehogs who regularly visit my garden every night and they must like the food as there is none left in the morning!!!

Susan V Hills

My hedgehogs are really fussy, since feeding them this brand they hardly touch anything else I give them.

Amazon Customer

This is proving very popular with whatever creature is eating it in my garden almost every night!

Amazon Customer

Packed in recyclable strong paper. Easy and practical to store and use, especially in warm weather when leaving out for visiting hedgehogs. All portions appear to get eaten up fully so it must taste good to hedgehogs

Amazon Customer

This hedgehog food is PROPER, nutritious hedgehog food, filled with hedgehog friendly ingredients! No mealworms or nutrient absorbing ingredients which make it perfect for all year round hedgehog feeding. I’ve attracted 3 hedgehogs into my garden using this, 2 of which have chosen to take up residence over the winter. Highly recommend any Brambles products for hedgehogs – wouldn’t recommend anything else!


Highly Recommended Hedgehog food, my night time visitor loves these Biscuits comes every night. You can hear him crunching them, you need to supply fresh clean water to Help with digesting as they swell up. Very pleased with my Purchase an easy 5***** rated

Amazon Customer

I have 3 hedgehogs who I feed every night And this is the best one I have found for them.


We have a family of hedgehogs in the garden and they have been visiting for years now. Out of all the hedgehog foods we have tried, Brambles is the one that they really enjoy and finish up each evening without waste and then the blackbirds clean up the leftover crumbs.


I have given it 5 stars for “flavour” because “our” hedgehogs can’t wait to get their little snouts into their dinner bowl!


Hedgehogs seem to prefer this to other brands. Put out every night and the hogs are on it within 30 minutes of being put out.

Mrs A.

My three wild hedgehogs love this food i put it out in the evening and love watching them come to feed

Amazon Customer

Our hedgehogs gobble this food up nicely. Highly recommend if you also get them in your gardens.

Laura, Amazon Purchase

We at Lucky Hedgehog Rescue highly recommend the Brambles products. We use their products as the main diet for our patients as they are so nutritious & well balanced, playing an important role in assisting with our poorly Hedgehogs’ recovery and weaning of hoglets.

Lucy, Lucky Hedgehog Rescue

I have been buying this brand for some months now and it really is the best. The swans and duck at my local lake guzzle it up and would eat the whole bag is they could. I highly recommend.

Anon, Croydon

I have a family of hedgehogs that visit my garden nightly and polish of both the Brambles wet and dry food. They absolutely love it and if they could write this post, they would highly recommend it! :)

Paula Pritchard, Amazon Purchase

Have been feeding our nocturnal friends, and have been visited by 3 different hedgehogs, 4 different foxes and a badger. All have tucked into the Brambles Crunchy Hedgehog food – and left nothing. Will have to place a bigger order next time to keep them happy.

Anon, Rickmansworth

Previously used a different semi-moist food and it took a while for the hogs to get used to and even then some was left. Swapped to this make and the hogs have gobbled it all up straight away. Not sure what’s different, but the hogs clearly prefer it and even better it was cheaper!

MB, Amazon Purchase

Our mission

Our mission is to provide nutritionally beneficial food to wildlife that is 100% safe for them to eat.

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An adult hedgehog can have up to 7000 spines that are hollow modified hairs. A single spine can support the whole weight of the hedgehog! If a hedgehog feels threatened the spines become erect and if the danger persists the hedgehog will roll into a ball.

Acorn illustration

All of Brambles Hedgehog Foods are widely used and recommended by many Wildlife Rescues. We support Wildlife Rescues by doing Giveaways on social media where we donate food and often collaborate with like-minded companies to provide necessary supplies to the Rescues. We have also purchased incubators to use in these Giveaways too 😊

Duck illustration

We all love to feed swans, ducks, and other waterfowl but bread offers little-to-no nutritional benefit to the birds. The waterfowl will readily eat it when offered but the calorific bread fills up the stomach so much that the birds will then not forage for their natural foods. Brambles Swan & Duck Food is a supplementary food that offers fantastic nutritional benefits and as it floats you can easily tell when the waterfowl have had enough and to stop feeding them.