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Mammal Society Report January 2020

The mammal society

The Mammal Society published an interesting report about the mortality risks of the European Hedgehog on British Roads this month.

You can access the full article from this page.

The research formulated a model to assess the probability of Wildlife Vehicle Accidents (WVA) across the British Isles and perhaps not surprisingly found higher probabilities in built up urban and suburban areas. In addition, the probability of WVAs was lower during the winter months when hedgehogs generally hibernate and peaked to a maximum in July when hedgehog numbers are around a maximum.

The advantage of using this model is that you can see where the highest probability of WVA will take place and then mitigating factors could be put in place to try & minimise the number of WVAs in these areas.

Such efforts may include, for example:

  • Maintaining good habitats for the hedgehogs
  • Complementary feeding with good nutritional food such as Brambles Crunchy & Meaty Hedgehog Food
  • Speed reductions and signs
  • Hedgehog highways between gardens
  • Safe corridors across roads where feasible
  • Contractors, like Bovis that have installed hedgehog highways, being mindful of hedgehogs when building new houses, roads, offices

We can all help our hedgehogs! Look at our website for more ways of helping wildlife :)