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Garden Dangers to Hedgehogs

Hedgehog peeking
During these incredibly challenging times of COVID-19 and lock downs people are spending more time gardening and doing DIY and this can be very hazardous to hedgehogs.

So many hedgehogs have been maimed or killed by humans using strimmers, mowers, shears, spades & forks. Wildlife Rescues are seeing more & more hedgehogs with injuries caused by these which must be heart breaking for them after spending so much time, effort & money getting all types of hedgehogs ready to be released back into the wild.

Hedgehogs make their beds in just the type of areas that you want to tidy up – long grass, leaf piles and compost heaps. These nests can be very difficult to see, as can be seen by the photo from Spikey Critters Hedgehog Care, so it is vitally important to check very carefully for hedgehogs and other wildlife.


Even if a hedgehog is aware of the danger it will not run away but will curl up into a protective ball that is, of course, no protection. If not killed instantly they can suffer horrendous injuries and are often put to sleep.

Hedgehogs will also make nests under garages, sheds and decking so any removal of these needs to be done very carefully as well.

During these times of lockdown hedgehogs being killed by traffic has reduced considerably but the downside is that more have been killed by human activities in gardens so PLEASE check carefully before embarking on any work.