Passionate About Wildlife

Hedgehogs out in the day

A wild hedgehog out in the day needs urgent help!

They are nocturnal animals and are not out in the daytime BUT there is one very important exception and that is expectant or nursing Mums who will be moving around with purpose, they should be left alone.

Hedgehogs do not sunbathe and they do not hibernate out in the open so if you see one out in the daytime that looks lethargic, is struggling to walk, have flies around them, or has collapsed please take it to a Rescue immediately.

If you see a hedgehog in trouble:-

  • Pick it up using a towel or gloves
  • Place in a high sided box lined with newspaper
  • Put a towel over the hedgehog to keep it warm
  • Take it to your local Rescue for expert care

If you do not know your local Wildlife Rescue you can look them up on this great website