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Hoglets Galore!

It’s the time of year when Wildlife Rescues are inundated with baby hedgehogs! The dedication seen by these Wildlife heroes is second to none all year round but especially when they must hand rear these hoglets. Feeds can be every…

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Hedgehogs that need help!

Photo courtesy of Dottie’s Little Hog Hospital There are now many sightings of hedgehogs in people’s gardens as they come out of hibernation so, please provide food and water. There is one very important thing to note: a wild hedgehog…

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Let’s talk Hoglets!

In the UK, hedgehogs usually breed between May – September. Once mating has taken place the male has no role in providing for the female or the offspring. Gestation is around 35 days and a litter can number from 2-11…

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Swan & duck

Winter feeding for Swans & Ducks

Please remember to carry on supplementary feeding of wildfowl through the winter. They generally feed on aquatic plants, worms, crustaceans and snails, small fish and fish eggs, insects, berries, and small amphibians such as frogs and newts. Through the winter…

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Autumn hedgehogs

Autumn Hedgehogs

The nights are drawing in and it is getting colder, but hedgehogs still have plenty of time to put on enough weight to get them through hibernation. The time that hedgehogs go into hibernation can vary not only from year…

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