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July 30, 2020 / BlogNews

Brambles Pet & Wildlife 3 years old!

Our family business recently celebrated our 3rd year of being a Business 😊 We originally set up in 2017 as...
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June 11, 2020 / BlogNews

Hedgehogs out in the day

A wild hedgehog out in the day needs urgent help! They are nocturnal animals and are not out in the...
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April 21, 2020 / BlogNews

Garden Dangers to Hedgehogs

During these incredibly challenging times of COVID-19 and lock downs people are spending more time gardening and doing DIY and...
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March 28, 2020 / BlogNews


In these challenging and difficult times we decided we all needed a dose of cuteness from Wildlife Rescues. These photos...
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February 21, 2020 / BlogNews


This winter is just bizarre as far as the weather goes! When the winter is unseasonably warm, as it has...
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The Mammal Society image
January 28, 2020 / BlogNews

Mammal Society Report January 2020

The Mammal Society published an interesting report about the mortality risks of the European Hedgehog on British Roads this month....
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October 2, 2019 / BlogNews

Wildlife Rescues

Photo courtesy of Wirral Hedgehog Hospital, hoglets eating Brambles Meaty Hedgehog Food We get fantastic feedback from our customers which...
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May 29, 2019 / BlogNews

Hedgehog Awareness Week, 5th – 11th May 2019

We had a busy time leading up to this year’s Hedgehog Awareness Week, negotiating with like-minded companies to bring both...
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February 7, 2019 / BlogNews

Can I feed bread to swans & ducks?

There has been some publicity saying that because people are not feeding bread to waterfowl some swans are starving to...
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January 14, 2019 / BlogNews

Hibernating Hedgehogs

Photo courtesy of Barbara’s Wildlife Rescue Normal hibernation is affected by various environmental and hormonal cues, with cold and lack...
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